Saturday, April 03, 2004

Again.After a long time I am writting.It is too bad that I can't update my weblog frequently.In new year I will try more.I was talking about our neighbor .Now, I will continue my story.One day morning in fall she left her family.She came to Tehran with her brother.She said good bye to him and went to start a new life in the biggest city of Iran.I think it is frghtening to live here without any support.She told me that most of the time her father was bitting her.He didn't let she and her sisters to talk with any men exept their brothers.He didn't allow them to go out just for going to school or buying clothes.If they were late he hurt them.She said that her parents are drug addicted and most of their relatives are drug dealers.She said that she loved her causin but her father didn't let them to marry.Now she escaped.If their family find her they will kill her.Because in their custom "A girl which has escaped is like a prostitute and she haveto killed"

Another story of an iranian woman

Friday, February 27, 2004

There is a young girl in my neighbourhood.She came here one month ago.She workes as a nurse for an old lady.she was so upset last night and wanted to talk to me.She said :"I have very bad situation here.The old lady is nagging most of the time.she thinks that I am not reliable.Most of the time she wants to search her cupboard because she thinks I am a thief ".she was crying when she was telling me the story.She told that she hadto tolerate this condition because she had no othar way.I was surprised;so,I asked her why?and she explained she escaped from her family and can't comeback to them...
To be continued....

Sunday, February 22, 2004

It is a long time that I haven’t written any word here. I was studying for IELTS examination and I could pass it with an acceptable mark.
The most important which happened during these days was the parliament election.
Unfortunately the result of this election isn’t satisfaction. The conservative party won and it is a bad news for reformist activists. Conservatives entrance to the parliament may have negative affects on women movements in Iran. They may ban the different tribunes which women activists send their messages through them include: newspapers, meetings, websites and etc.
If it happens the women should find another way to make connection with the other women. It can be difficult; but, I think a weak act is better than nothing.
We will wait and see what will happen. My country is an unpredictable place.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Last week a disaster happened.Erthquake in Bam.one of our very important historical place ruined.40000 persons were killed and much more became homeless.During them were alot of women and children.From last friday till now people all over the Iran helped so much.Their help wondered everybody.
However, they did the duties that government should did.In addition,the women NGO's a committee to help; specially women and children.Women needs some especial things that public media never mentioned like the tampon .Shirin Ebady announced that her deposit account is ready for the people all over the world to help.It is 8080 Saderat Bank,Jamaledin Asadabadi Branch.

Monday, December 22, 2003

It is along time that I didn't have time to write anything here.I am studyung for IELTS exam then so busy.In addition me with some of my friends that are members of womeniniranare working on a questionnaire about the Street Harassment. It is supposed to become prepare for the march 8th. The women right activitists in Iran are working on the violence against women in Iran and have made a campaign for it .This year ,march 8th,will concetrate on the different kind of violence against women.Different groups are working on different aspects of harrasments in the society that exists against women.It is made a petition to opposit all kind of the geneder violence.

Monday, November 24, 2003

I think one of the most problems that exists in women society in Iran is that the Iranian women don't belive themselves.In history the women _most of the time_ were competitors for cathching men.Because always men could have several wives or lovers,and this made women antagonists.According these women's self-confidence were taken during history and all of these are conclusian of patriarchy.

Friday, November 21, 2003

I watched"The Hours" last night.Three stories that both of them was based on Viginia Woolf novel ,"Mrs Dalloway".The film was shocking.It's screen play was great.The movie was about three women that one of them was Woolf.The women who wanted to have her choices to live.One of them was a wife and a mother that leaves her family to live the rest of her life for her own,for being a woman not just a spouse.

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